Jumat, 08 Agustus 2008


Send SMS Free PC to Mobile

Dear Friends, You can try to send SMS for free to any mobile device and any operator or network around the world. Start to send SMS to mobile device by free, only type your country number (without 00) and following the mobile number.

For example, to send SMS to Kuwait 965mobile number --> 965695xxx, Or if you want to send sms to Indonesia it will coming like this 62mobile number ---> 628564394xxxx

Form sms gratis Kami
This moment we don't provide you with delivery report yet, Just try send your free SMS to your mobile first to check it. Just wait few moment, your message will be process.

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- Bersabarlah karena proses pengiriman SMS membutuhkan waktu kira-kira 1 menit -

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